Charlize Theron Biography, Age, Height, Education, Family, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Movies, Facts & More

Charlize Theron Biography, Age, Height, Education, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Movies, Facts & More









Who is Charlize Theron?


Charlize Theron is a South African and American actress and producer who gained international fame for her outstanding performances in various films. She was born on August 7, 1975, in Benoni, South Africa.


Theron began her acting career in the 1990s and quickly established herself as a talented and versatile actress. She gained critical acclaim and won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the film "Monster" (2003). This role showcased her exceptional acting abilities and dedication to her craft.


Throughout her career, Charlize Theron has been involved in a wide range of film genres, from drama to action to comedy. Some of her other notable movies include "The Devil's Advocate" (1997), "Mighty Joe Young" (1998), "The Cider House Rules" (1999), "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015), and "Atomic Blonde" (2017), among many others.


Apart from her acting work, Theron is also known for her philanthropy and advocacy efforts. She has been involved in various charitable organizations and causes, including women's rights and efforts to end HIV/AIDS in Africa.


Please note that there might have been additional developments in Charlize Theron's career and life since my last update, as my information is current only up to September 2021.


Charlize Theron Short Biography


Birth Date: 7 August 1975

Birth Place: Benoni, South Africa

Age (in 2023): 48 years

Height: 1.77 m

Citizenship: South Africa, United States

Parents: Charles Jacobus Theron, Gerda Jacoba Aletta Maritz

Partner: Stuart Townsend (2002–2009)

Children: August Theron

Occupations: Actress, producer


Charlize Theron Early Life


Charlize Theron was born on August 7, 1975, in Benoni, a city in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. She was the only child of Charles Theron, a construction company owner, and Gerda Theron, who worked as a housewife. Theron's family had Afrikaner (Dutch, French, and German) ancestry.


During her early life, Theron experienced a traumatic event that would later influence her activism. When she was 15 years old, her mother Gerda shot and killed her father Charles in an act of self-defense. This incident occurred after Charles physically attacked both Gerda and Charlize during a drunken episode.


Following the tragic incident, Charlize Theron and her mother dealt with the aftermath and faced legal inquiries, but Gerda was not charged as the killing was ruled to be in self-defense.


In the years that followed, Theron pursued a modeling career and won a one-year modeling contract in Italy at the age of 16. Later, she moved to New York City to pursue acting, which eventually became her passion and led her to achieve great success in the film industry.


Theron's early life experiences, including witnessing domestic violence and her mother's act of self-defense, played a significant role in shaping her advocacy for women's rights and her involvement in initiatives to address violence against women and children. These experiences have also influenced her choice of roles in films that tackle challenging and thought-provoking subjects.


Charlize Theron Education


Charlize Theron attended primary school in her hometown of Benoni, South Africa. However, her educational journey was interrupted when she was 15 years old due to the tragic incident involving her father's death and her mother's act of self-defense. After that, Theron didn't complete her formal education.


Instead, she focused on pursuing a career in modeling and later shifted her focus to acting. Theron's passion and talent for acting led her to move to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry.


Despite not having a formal education, Charlize Theron's dedication and hard work in the acting profession have earned her numerous accolades and acclaim throughout her career. Her success serves as a testament to her talent and determination in pursuing her goals.


Charlize Theron Family


Charlize Theron's immediate family consists of her two adopted children. She is known for being very private about her personal life, so detailed information about her family members beyond her children is not readily available in the public domain.


Charlize Theron adopted her first child, Jackson Theron, in early 2012. Jackson was born in South Africa and joined Theron's family as a baby. Theron has been very open about her experience as a mother and her dedication to providing a loving and supportive environment for her children.


In mid-2015, Charlize Theron adopted her second child, August Theron, also from South Africa. Like Jackson, August became part of Theron's family as a baby.


Theron has often expressed her love for her children and her commitment to being a hands-on mother despite her demanding career in the entertainment industry. She has been an advocate for adoption and spoken about her experiences as an adoptive parent, raising awareness about the adoption process and encouraging others to consider adoption as a way to build their families.


As mentioned earlier, Charlize Theron's early life was marked by a tragic incident involving her parents, but beyond that, she has preferred to keep her family life private. Therefore, specific details about her extended family members are not readily available to the public.


Charlize Theron Career


Charlize Theron's career in the entertainment industry spans over three decades, during which she has achieved critical acclaim and earned numerous accolades for her versatile acting skills and dedication to her craft.


Theron began her career as a model in her native South Africa in the late 1980s, but her true passion was acting. In pursuit of her dreams, she moved to New York City in the early 1990s to study at the Joffrey Ballet School. However, a knee injury forced her to reconsider her career path and focus on acting.


Her breakthrough in Hollywood came with the film "2 Days in the Valley" (1996), where she played a memorable supporting role. This led to more significant opportunities, and she starred alongside Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves in "The Devil's Advocate" (1997), which further showcased her talent.


Charlize Theron gained widespread recognition and critical acclaim for her transformative role in the biographical film "Monster" (2003). In the movie, she portrayed real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Theron's dedication to the role was remarkable, and her performance earned her numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actress.


Following her Oscar win, Theron's career soared, and she continued to take on a wide range of roles in various genres. She showcased her action chops in movies like "├ćon Flux" (2005) and "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015). Theron also demonstrated her comedic talents in films like "Young Adult" (2011) and "Long Shot" (2019).


Throughout her career, Charlize Theron has shown a penchant for taking on challenging and complex roles. She's received critical acclaim for her performances in films like "North Country" (2005), "Tully" (2018), and "Bombshell" (2019).


Apart from acting, Theron has also ventured into producing. She co-produced several projects, including the Netflix series "Girlboss" (2017) and the movie "Monster" (2003), in which she also starred.


In addition to her successful acting career, Theron has been actively involved in philanthropy and advocacy work, supporting causes related to women's rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, and organizations focused on empowering and protecting women and children.


Charlize Theron's career continues to be marked by a remarkable blend of versatility, talent, and dedication to her craft, making her one of the most respected and admired actresses in Hollywood.


Charlize Theron Awards


As of my last update in September 2021, Charlize Theron has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her acting career. Here are some of the major awards she has won:


Academy Awards (Oscars):

Best Actress for "Monster" (2003)


Golden Globe Awards:

Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for "Monster" (2003)


Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards):

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for "Monster" (2003)


Critics' Choice Movie Awards:

Best Actress for "Monster" (2003)


Berlin International Film Festival:

Silver Bear for Best Actress for "The Burning Plain" (2008)


Hollywood Film Awards:

Actress of the Year for "Bombshell" (2019)


Satellite Awards:

Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for "North Country" (2005)

Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical for "Young Adult" (2011)


Empire Awards:

Best Actress for "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2016)


These are just some of the notable awards that Charlize Theron has received for her exceptional performances. Her talent, versatility, and dedication to her craft have earned her widespread recognition and praise in the entertainment industry.


Charlize Theron Facts


Charlize Theron is a fascinating individual with many interesting facts and accomplishments. Here are some intriguing facts about her:


Early Life: Charlize Theron was born on August 7, 1975, in Benoni, South Africa. She grew up on a farm and initially aspired to be a ballet dancer before pursuing a career in acting.


Model Turned Actress: Theron started her career as a fashion model in her teens, but she later moved to the United States to pursue acting in the early 1990s.


Language Skills: Theron is fluent in both English and Afrikaans, which is a language predominantly spoken in South Africa.


Oscar-Winning Performance: Theron's portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in the film "Monster" (2003) earned her numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actress.


Production Company: She founded her production company called "Denver and Delilah Productions," which has been involved in producing various films and television projects.


Action Star: Charlize Theron has showcased her action skills in films like "Mad Max: Fury Road," "Atomic Blonde," and "The Old Guard." She is known for performing many of her stunts herself.


Humanitarian Efforts: Theron has been actively involved in philanthropy and is a UN Messenger of Peace. She is an advocate for women's rights and has worked to raise awareness about issues like gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS in Africa.


Academy Member: She became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2004.


Ballet Background: Theron's background in ballet helped her with the physical demands of various film roles, particularly those requiring grace and poise.


Adoptive Mother: Theron is the adoptive mother of two children, Jackson and August, both of whom were adopted from South Africa.


LGBTQ+ Advocate: Theron is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. She has spoken about raising her daughter, Jackson, as a girl, supporting her gender identity.


Honorary Citizen: In 2005, Theron was granted honorary citizenship by her home country, South Africa, for her humanitarian efforts.


Charlize Theron's diverse talents, dedication to her craft, and advocacy work have made her not only a highly respected actress but also a prominent figure in various philanthropic initiatives.


Charlize Theron Net Worth


Charlize Theron's net worth was estimated to be around $180 million USD. However, please note that net worth figures can change over time due to fluctuations in earnings, investments, and other financial factors. Therefore, we recommend checking more recent sources for the most up-to-date information on Charlize Theron's net worth as of 2023.


Why is Charlize Theron so famous?


Charlize Theron is famous for several reasons, and her celebrity status can be attributed to her talents, accomplishments, and contributions in the following areas:


Acting Skills: Theron is known for her exceptional acting skills and versatility. She has portrayed a wide range of characters in various genres, from dramatic roles to action-packed roles, and her performances consistently garner critical acclaim.


Academy Award: One of the key factors that elevated Theron's fame was her Academy Award-winning performance in the film "Monster" (2003). She underwent a dramatic physical transformation to play the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, showcasing her dedication to her craft.


Blockbuster Films: Theron has appeared in several successful and high-profile films, including "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015), "Snow White and the Huntsman" (2012), and "The Fate of the Furious" (2017). Her involvement in these blockbuster movies further solidified her status as a leading actress in Hollywood.


Diverse Roles: Theron's ability to excel in both dramatic and action-oriented roles has made her a sought-after actress in the industry. Her performances in films like "North Country" (2005) and "Atomic Blonde" (2017) showcase her range and depth as an actress.


Humanitarian Efforts: Theron is also known for her philanthropic work and advocacy. She is involved in various charitable causes, including AIDS research, women's rights, and efforts to prevent violence against women.


Beauty and Style: Theron's elegance, beauty, and fashion sense have earned her a place as a style icon. She has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and often graces red carpets with her sophisticated looks.


Daring Roles: Theron is willing to take on challenging and unconventional roles, which has earned her respect from both audiences and critics. Her willingness to tackle complex and unconventional characters demonstrates her commitment to her craft.


International Recognition: Theron's fame extends beyond Hollywood, as she is recognized globally for her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.


Overall, Charlize Theron's fame is a result of her exceptional acting talent, memorable performances, dedication to her roles, and her impact both on and off the screen. Her ability to captivate audiences with her performances and her commitment to social causes have made her a respected and influential figure in the world of entertainment.


Charlize Theron Children


Charlize Theron is a mother to two adopted children. She is known for her dedication to her family and her commitment to being a loving parent. Here are some details about her children:


Jackson Theron: Jackson is Charlize Theron's eldest child. Theron adopted Jackson in early 2012. In April 2019, Theron revealed that Jackson identifies as a transgender girl and goes by the name of "Jackson." Theron has been supportive of Jackson's identity and has spoken openly about her commitment to providing a loving and accepting environment for her children.


August Theron: August is Charlize Theron's second adopted child. Theron adopted August in mid-2015. While Theron tends to keep her children's lives relatively private, she has occasionally shared moments and insights about her parenting journey.


Theron is known for her advocacy for adoption and her efforts to raise awareness about the needs of children in need of loving homes. She has spoken about the joy and challenges of motherhood, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for her children.


Overall, Charlize Theron's love and dedication to her children are evident in her actions and words, and she continues to balance her successful career with her role as a caring and supportive mother.


Charlize Theron Top Hits movies


Charlize Theron has appeared in a wide range of movies throughout her career, many of which have been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Here are some of her top hit movies:


Monster (2003) - Theron won an Academy Award for her transformative performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The film explores Wuornos's life and crimes.


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Theron played Imperator Furiosa in this action-packed post-apocalyptic film. The movie was a massive hit and received widespread praise for its visuals and action sequences.


The Fate of the Furious (2017) - Theron joined the cast of the popular "Fast & Furious" franchise as the main antagonist, Cipher.


Atomic Blonde (2017) - Theron starred as an MI6 agent in this stylish action-thriller set in Cold War-era Berlin.


Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) - Theron portrayed the evil queen Ravenna in this dark fantasy adaptation of the classic fairy tale.


North Country (2005) - Theron's performance in this drama earned her critical acclaim. She played a woman who filed a landmark sexual harassment lawsuit against a mining company.


Young Adult (2011) - Theron played a struggling writer returning to her hometown in this dark comedy-drama.


The Italian Job (2003) - Theron starred in this heist film alongside a star-studded cast, including Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton.


Prometheus (2012) - Theron appeared in Ridley Scott's science fiction film as Meredith Vickers, a representative of the Weyland Corporation.


Tully (2018) - Theron portrayed a mother of three in this comedy-drama that explores the challenges of motherhood.


These are just a few examples of Charlize Theron's top hit movies. Her filmography is extensive and diverse, showcasing her range as an actress and her ability to take on a variety of roles across different genres.


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