Eric Cantona Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Girlfriend, Movies, Net Worth, Goals, Facts & More


Eric Cantona Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Family, Girlfriend, Movies, Net Worth, Goals, Facts & More







Who is Eric Cantona?


Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona is a French actor, director, producer, and former professional footballer.


Eric Cantona is a former French professional footballer, born on May 24, 1966, in Marseille, France. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of his generation, and his style of play and unique personality have made him an enduring cultural icon.


Cantona started his professional career in 1983 with Auxerre, where he played for two seasons before moving to Marseille. After a brief spell at Bordeaux, he joined Montpellier, where he won his first major trophy, the French Cup, in 1990. Cantona then moved to England to play for Leeds United, where he became a fan favourite and won the league title in 1992.


However, it was his move to Manchester United in 1992 that cemented his place in footballing history. Cantona became the catalyst for a remarkable period of success for the club, winning four league titles in five seasons and scoring some of the most memorable goals in the team's history. He was also known for his flair and his controversial behavior, including his famous "kung-fu kick" at a fan during a match in 1995, which resulted in a lengthy suspension.


Cantona retired from professional football in 1997 at the age of 31, citing a desire to pursue other interests. He has since had a successful career as an actor and has also worked as a football coach and pundit. In 2019, he was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the sport.


Off the pitch, Cantona is known for his enigmatic personality and his interest in philosophy and art. He has also been a vocal advocate for various political causes, including the rights of refugees and the need for greater social justice.


Overall, Eric Cantona's legacy as one of the greatest footballers of his generation is secure, and his unique personality and contribution to the sport have made him a cultural icon whose influence continues to be felt today.


Born: 24 May 1966 (age 57 years)

Birth Place: Marseille, France

Height: 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)

Spouse: Rachida Brakni (m. 2007), Isabelle Ferrer (m. 1987–2003)

Children: 4

Occupation: Actor, former professional footballer

Position: Forward


Eric Cantona Early Life


Eric Cantona, the former French footballer and actor, was born on May 24, 1966, in Marseille, France. Here is some information about his early life:


Family Background: Eric Cantona was born into a family with a strong connection to the world of football. His father, Albert Cantona, was a talented footballer who played at the amateur level, and his younger brothers, Joel and Jean-Marie, also had football careers.


Youth Career: Cantona began playing football at a young age and showed promise as a young player. He joined the local youth team of Auxerre, where he began to develop his skills and passion for the sport.


Education: While pursuing his football career, Cantona also received a basic education in France. However, his primary focus was on his budding football talent.


Rebelious Streak: Even in his early years, Cantona was known for his strong personality and occasional rebellious behavior. This aspect of his character would continue to define his career and public image.


Eric Cantona's early life provided the foundation for his successful football career, and his unique personality and style on and off the pitch would make him a distinctive and sometimes controversial figure in the world of football.


Eric Cantona Family


Eric Cantona has a family background that is associated with football. Here is some information about his family:




Father: Albert Cantona - Eric Cantona's father, Albert, was a former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper for several clubs, including Olympique de Marseille and Auxerre.

Mother: Éléonore Raurich - Not much is publicly known about Eric Cantona's mother, Éléonore, as she has maintained a relatively private life.



Joel Cantona - Joel is one of Eric Cantona's younger brothers, and he also pursued a career in football, although he did not achieve the same level of fame as Eric.

Jean-Marie Cantona - Another of Eric's younger brothers, Jean-Marie also played football, though not at the professional level.


Eric Cantona's family background in football had a significant influence on his own career, as he followed in his father's and brothers' footsteps to become a successful professional footballer. Eric Cantona is known for his accomplished career as a footballer and later for his ventures in acting and other endeavors.


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Eric Cantona Career


Eric Cantona is a former French professional footballer and actor known for his unique and often controversial career in both sports and entertainment. Here's an overview of his career:


Football Career:


Early Years: Cantona began his football career in the youth system of the French club Auxerre. He made his professional debut for Auxerre in 1983.


Success in France: Eric Cantona played for several French clubs, including Auxerre, Olympique de Marseille, Montpellier, and Nîmes Olympique. He achieved success in Ligue 1 and won the French league title with Marseille in the 1990-1991 season.


Move to England: Cantona's most iconic period came when he transferred to the English club Leeds United in 1992. He was instrumental in helping Leeds win the English First Division (now the Premier League) title in the 1991-1992 season.


Manchester United: Cantona's career reached its peak at Manchester United, where he played from 1992 to 1997. He won four Premier League titles with Manchester United and played a key role in the club's success during that era.


Retirement: Eric Cantona retired from professional football in 1997, at the relatively young age of 30. His early retirement was unexpected and attributed to his unique personality and behavior on and off the field.


Acting Career:


After Retirement: Following his football career, Cantona transitioned to acting. He appeared in various films and television shows.


Notable Roles: He is known for his roles in films such as "Looking for Eric" and "The Crimson Rivers." His acting career has been relatively successful, and he is respected in the world of French cinema.


Eric Cantona's football career is often remembered for his skill and influence on the field, but also for his volatile personality and infamous incidents, including a suspension for kicking a supporter. His post-football career in acting has shown his versatility and creativity in different artistic realms. Cantona remains a charismatic and iconic figure in both football and the entertainment industry.


Eric Cantona Stats


Eric Cantona was a retired French footballer best known for his time with Manchester United in the English Premier League. His playing career spanned from the late 1980s to the late 1990s.


Here are some key career statistics for Eric Cantona during his time at Manchester United:


Club Career:


Auxerre (France): 1983–1988

Marseille (France): 1988–1991

Leeds United (England): 1992–1993

Manchester United (England): 1992–1997

Major Achievements:


Cantona won four English Premier League titles with Manchester United.

He played a key role in Manchester United's success during the 1990s, including their first top-flight title in 26 years (1992–1993 season).

Individual Honors:


PFA Players' Player of the Year: 1993–1994

FWA Footballer of the Year: 1993–1994


Please note that specific statistics, such as goals and appearances, can be found in detailed football databases, sports websites, or the official records of the clubs and leagues he played for. If you are looking for the most up-to-date information on Eric Cantona's career statistics or recent developments, our recommend checking the latest sources, such as official football databases or sports news websites.


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Eric Cantona Awards


Eric Cantona, the former French footballer, received several awards and honors during his football career. While he was known for his unique personality and controversial moments, he was also celebrated for his footballing skills. Some of the awards and accolades he received include:


Premier League Titles: Eric Cantona won four Premier League titles with Manchester United during the 1990s, in the 1992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96, and 1996-97 seasons.


PFA Players' Player of the Year: He was named the PFA Players' Player of the Year for the 1993-94 season, reflecting his outstanding performances during that campaign.


FIFA 100: In 2004, Cantona was named in the FIFA 100 list, a compilation of the 125 greatest living footballers, as selected by Pelé.


French Football Awards: He won the French Player of the Year award multiple times during his career.


Golden Foot: In 2017, Cantona was awarded the Golden Foot Legends award, which recognizes outstanding football personalities.


Iconic Status: While not an official award, Cantona's influence and iconic status in the world of football have earned him a lasting place in the hearts of fans, particularly at Manchester United.


Eric Cantona is not only celebrated for his footballing achievements but also for his memorable and enigmatic persona, which has left a lasting imprint on the sport's history. His contributions to the football world continue to be recognized and remembered.


Eric Cantona Facts


Eric Cantona is a French former professional footballer who is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and enigmatic figures in the history of football. Here are some interesting facts about Eric Cantona:


Early Life: Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona was born on May 24, 1966, in Marseille, France.


Position: Cantona was a forward and attacking midfielder known for his creativity, vision, and flair on the field.


Nickname: He is often referred to as "King Eric" by Manchester United fans for his legendary status at the club.


Manchester United: Cantona had a successful stint with Manchester United, where he played from 1992 to 1997. He helped the club win four English Premier League titles in five seasons.


Kung Fu Kick: One of the most iconic and controversial moments of Cantona's career was the "kung fu kick" incident in 1995 when he kicked a Crystal Palace fan in the chest during a match. He received a lengthy suspension as a result.


Retirement: Eric Cantona surprised many by retiring from professional football at the age of 30, at the peak of his career, in 1997.


Acting Career: After retiring from football, Cantona pursued an acting career and appeared in several films, including "Looking for Eric" and "Elizabeth."


Philosophical Quotes: Cantona is known for his philosophical and enigmatic quotes, which often left fans and the media pondering their meaning.


French National Team: He had a successful international career with the French national team, earning 45 caps and scoring 20 goals. He played for France in the 1992 European Championship.


Football Influence: Cantona's style of play, creativity, and football intelligence had a significant influence on the modern game and inspired a generation of footballers.


Legacy: Eric Cantona remains an iconic figure in the history of football, not only for his skill on the field but also for his unique personality and the lasting impact he left on the clubs he played for.


Statue at Old Trafford: In recognition of his contributions to Manchester United, a bronze statue of Eric Cantona was unveiled outside Old Trafford, the club's stadium.


Cantona's influence on and off the field is still remembered by football fans around the world. He is celebrated not just for his footballing prowess but also for his memorable quotes and charismatic personality.


Eric Cantona Movies


Eric Cantona, the former footballer known for his transition to acting, has appeared in several movies over the years. Here are some notable films in which he has acted:


Le bonheur est dans le pré (Happiness Is in the Field) (1995): In this French comedy film, Cantona played a supporting role as a character named Bruno.


Elizabeth (1998): He had a small role in the historical drama film "Elizabeth," in which he played the character of Monsieur de Foix.


Les Enfants de la Pluie (Children of the Rain) (2003): Cantona provided the voice for the character Darko in this animated science fiction film.


L'Outremangeur (The Over-Eater) (2003): In this French drama film, Cantona played the lead role of Jacques Belzons.


Lisa et le pilote d'avion (2003): He had a supporting role in this French short film.


Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) (2005): In this war film, Cantona played the role of French Lieutenant Audebert, a character involved in the famous Christmas Truce during World War I.


Face (2009): He played the role of "Le commissaire" in this British crime drama film.


Looking for Eric (2009): In this British-French film, Cantona played a fictionalized version of himself and served as an inspiration and mentor to the main character.


Eric Cantona's acting career has been diverse, and he has been involved in various genres of films, ranging from drama to comedy. His work in "Looking for Eric" is particularly noteworthy, where he played a character closely associated with his footballing persona.


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Eric Cantona TV shows


Eric Cantona has appeared in several TV shows, often in guest roles or special appearances. While he is primarily known for his acting in films and his football career, he has made notable appearances on television. Here are a few TV shows in which he has featured:


The Return of Arsène Lupin (Le Retour d'Arsène Lupin) (1989): Cantona played a role in this French TV series that focuses on the fictional character Arsène Lupin, a famous gentleman thief created by writer Maurice Leblanc.


Fragments of Antonin (2006): He appeared in this French TV movie as the character Le gardien de la prison.


Les mystères de l'amour (2012): Cantona made a guest appearance in this French television series, which is a continuation of the popular series "Hélène et les Garçons."


À la Clairefontaine (2013): He appeared in this French TV series, which is centered around the life and training of young football players at the Clairefontaine National Institute.


Eric Cantona's television roles are relatively limited compared to his film career and his achievements as a footballer. However, his television appearances, like his work in film, have been a notable part of his post-football career in the entertainment industry.


Why is Eric Cantona so famous?


Eric Cantona is famous for several reasons, and his legacy is particularly notable in the world of football. Here are some key factors that contribute to Eric Cantona's fame:


Successful Football Career: Cantona had a successful football career, playing as a forward. He played for several clubs, including Leeds United and, most notably, Manchester United. He was a key figure in Manchester United's success during the 1990s, helping the team win four Premier League titles.


Impact on Manchester United: Cantona's arrival at Manchester United in 1992 had a transformative effect on the club. He played a crucial role in ending Manchester United's 26-year wait for a top-flight league title, helping them secure the Premier League in the 1992-1993 season.


Charismatic Personality: Cantona was known for his charismatic and enigmatic personality both on and off the field. His confidence and flair made him a standout figure in football. His interviews and interactions with the media often attracted attention.


Controversial Moments: Cantona was involved in some controversial incidents during his career, most notably the "kung-fu" kick incident in 1995 when he kicked a Crystal Palace supporter. This incident led to a lengthy suspension but added to his mystique.


Individual Awards: Cantona received individual awards for his performances, including being named the PFA Players' Player of the Year and the FWA Footballer of the Year for the 1993-1994 season.


Cultural Impact: Beyond football, Cantona had a cultural impact. He became an iconic figure, especially among Manchester United fans. His influence extended beyond the pitch, and he remains a popular and revered figure in football history.


Post-Football Career: After retiring from professional football, Cantona pursued various interests, including acting. He has continued to be a public figure and has remained connected to the world of football and entertainment.


Eric Cantona's combination of skill, success, charisma, and the occasional controversy contributed to his enduring fame. Even years after his retirement from professional football, he is remembered as one of the sport's iconic figures.


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