G-Dragon Biography, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Children, Songs, Music groups, Relationships, Videos, Net Worth, Facts & More


G-Dragon Biography, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Children, Songs, Music groups, Relationships, Videos, Net Worth, Facts & More






Who is G-Dragon?


G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and fashion icon. He is considered one of the most influential and innovative figures in the K-pop industry. G-Dragon rose to prominence as the leader and main rapper of the popular South Korean boy band Big Bang.


G-Dragon's career began at a young age when he joined the South Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment as a trainee. He debuted as a member of Big Bang in 2006, and the group quickly gained popularity with their unique music style and charismatic performances. As the leader and one of the main songwriters of Big Bang, G-Dragon contributed to the group's success with his creativity and talent in music production.


Apart from his activities with Big Bang, G-Dragon has also released solo music and achieved great success as a solo artist. He has released numerous hit songs and albums, showcasing his versatility as a musician and his ability to experiment with different genres and styles. His solo works often feature his distinct rap style and innovative production.


G-Dragon is known for his fashion-forward sense and influential style. He has collaborated with various fashion brands and designers and has been recognized as a fashion icon both in South Korea and internationally. His unique fashion choices and trendsetting looks have had a significant impact on the fashion industry.


G-Dragon's talent, musical creativity, and contribution to the K-pop industry have earned him numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. He has received recognition for his songwriting and producing skills and has been praised for his influence in shaping the direction of K-pop music.


Overall, G-Dragon is a highly acclaimed artist who has left a significant impact on the K-pop industry and has a dedicated global fanbase.


Mini Bio


Born: 18 August 1988

Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea

Age (as in 2023): 35 years

Height: 1.72 m

Siblings: Dami Kwon

Parents: Kwon Young-hwan, Han Gi-ran

Music groups: BIGBANG (Since 2006), GD X Taeyang, YG Family


G-Dragon Early Life


G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, was born on August 18, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. He grew up in a middle-class family and developed an interest in music at a young age. G-Dragon's passion for music was nurtured by his parents, who recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.


During his childhood, G-Dragon attended Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School, where he studied traditional Korean music and dance. This early exposure to music and performance helped shape his artistic sensibilities and laid the foundation for his future career.


G-Dragon's journey in the entertainment industry began when he auditioned for SM Entertainment, one of the leading entertainment companies in South Korea, at the age of 12. However, he was ultimately not accepted into the company. Instead, he joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2001, where he underwent several years of training in singing, dancing, and rapping.


Throughout his teenage years, G-Dragon honed his skills as a performer and songwriter. He participated in various projects and collaborations within YG Entertainment, gaining valuable experience and developing his own unique style. During this time, he also formed friendships and musical partnerships with fellow YG trainees, which eventually led to the formation of the group Big Bang.


G-Dragon's early life was marked by dedication, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of his musical aspirations. His formative years as a trainee laid the groundwork for his future success as a prominent figure in the K-pop industry.


G-Dragon Education


G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, pursued his education while juggling his career as a K-pop artist. However, specific details about his formal education are limited due to his early debut in the entertainment industry. Here is the available information regarding his education:


G-Dragon attended Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School, where he studied traditional Korean music and dance. This specialized educational institution likely provided him with a solid foundation in music and performance arts, allowing him to develop his skills and artistic sensibilities.


Given his early entry into the entertainment industry as a trainee at the age of 12, G-Dragon's formal education may have been impacted as he focused on his musical career. Like many K-pop artists who debut at a young age, their education may be influenced or pursued through alternative means such as home tutoring or distance learning programs to accommodate their busy schedules.


While G-Dragon's focus shifted to his music career, it is worth noting that his experiences in the entertainment industry have provided him with valuable learning opportunities, both creatively and professionally. Through his practical involvement in the music industry, G-Dragon has acquired practical knowledge, honed his skills, and gained insights into the music production process.


It is important to recognize that G-Dragon's success and influence in the music industry are attributed to his artistic talents, musical creativity, and dedication to his craft rather than formal academic qualifications.


G-Dragon Family


G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, comes from a family with supportive parents. While information about his family is relatively limited to the public, here is what is known:


G-Dragon's father is Kwon Young-hwan, who owns a small trading business. Not much information is available about his father's personal or professional life beyond that. G-Dragon has mentioned in interviews that his father has been supportive of his musical pursuits and encouraged his passion for music from a young age.


Regarding G-Dragon's mother, her name is not widely known in public. Similarly, there is limited information available about her, including her occupation or involvement in G-Dragon's career. However, it is known that G-Dragon has a close bond with his mother and has expressed his gratitude for her love and support.


G-Dragon also has an older sister named Kwon Dami. She gained some media attention due to her brother's fame, but she has largely kept a low profile and maintained a private life. G-Dragon and his sister share a strong sibling bond, and they have been seen together at various public events and occasions.


Overall, G-Dragon's family has played a supportive role in his life and music career. Their encouragement and support have likely contributed to his growth as an artist, allowing him to pursue his passion for music and achieve success in the entertainment industry.


G-Dragon Career


G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-yong, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer. He gained prominence as a member and leader of the popular K-pop group Big Bang. Known for his innovative musical style, fashion sense, and artistic vision, G-Dragon has made significant contributions to the Korean music industry and has become one of its most influential figures. Here is an overview of his career:


Debut with Big Bang: G-Dragon debuted as a member of Big Bang in 2006 under the management of YG Entertainment. The group quickly rose to fame with their unique blend of hip-hop, pop, and R&B, and became one of the leading acts in the Korean music industry. G-Dragon's involvement in writing and producing Big Bang's music showcased his talent and creativity from the early stages of his career.


Solo Career: In addition to his work with Big Bang, G-Dragon embarked on a successful solo career. In 2009, he released his debut solo album, "Heartbreaker," which achieved massive commercial success and established him as a solo artist. He continued to release solo albums, including "Coup d'Etat" (2013) and "Kwon Ji Yong" (2017), which topped music charts and received critical acclaim.


Music Production and Songwriting: G-Dragon is known for his involvement in music production and songwriting, both for his solo work and for Big Bang. He has played a significant role in creating and shaping the group's musical style, contributing to the success of their albums and singles. His ability to write lyrics, compose music, and produce tracks has garnered him respect and recognition within the industry.

Fashion and Artistic Expression: G-Dragon is celebrated for his unique fashion sense and artistic expression. He has been recognized as a trendsetter and fashion icon, often pushing boundaries with his bold and unconventional style. G-Dragon's creativity extends beyond music, as he has showcased his artistic abilities through various art exhibitions and collaborations.


Global Influence: G-Dragon's influence has reached far beyond South Korea, making him a global icon in the K-pop industry. He has embarked on successful solo world tours, attracting fans from around the world. His music and style have inspired countless artists and musicians both in South Korea and internationally.


Throughout his career, G-Dragon has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to music and entertainment. He continues to be regarded as one of the most influential and innovative artists in the K-pop industry, leaving a lasting impact on Korean music and pop culture.


G-Dragon Awards


G-Dragon, the South Korean singer-songwriter and leader of the K-pop group Big Bang, has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. Here are some of the notable awards and achievements:


Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA): G-Dragon has won multiple MAMA awards, including Artist of the Year, Best Male Artist, and Best Music Video. He has been recognized for his outstanding musical contributions and performances.


Golden Disc Awards: G-Dragon has received several Golden Disc Awards, including Album of the Year and Digital Bonsang, which recognize his achievements in album and digital sales.


Seoul Music Awards: G-Dragon has won several Seoul Music Awards, including the Grand Prize and Best Album. These awards honor his musical excellence and overall contributions to the music industry.


Melon Music Awards: G-Dragon has been honored with several Melon Music Awards, including the Top 10 Artist Award and Best Rap/Hip Hop Award. These awards recognize his musical talent and popularity among Melon Music users.


Gaon Chart Music Awards: G-Dragon has won several Gaon Chart Music Awards, including Artist of the Year and Song of the Year. These awards celebrate his commercial success and impact on the music charts.


Korea Popular Music Awards: G-Dragon has received recognition at the Korea Popular Music Awards, winning awards such as Male Artist of the Year and Best Album. These awards acknowledge his musical achievements and popularity.


Billboard Music Awards: G-Dragon has made appearances and received nominations at the Billboard Music Awards, demonstrating his international recognition and influence.


World Music Awards: G-Dragon has been honored at the World Music Awards, receiving accolades such as World's Best Entertainer and World's Best Live Act. These awards recognize his global impact and performance skills.


These are just a few of the many awards and honors that G-Dragon has received throughout his career. His talent, creativity, and contributions to the music industry have made him one of the most acclaimed and influential artists in the K-pop industry.


G-Dragon Facts


Here are some interesting facts about G-Dragon:


Birth Name: G-Dragon's birth name is Kwon Ji-yong.


Stage Name Origin: The stage name "G-Dragon" was inspired by his real name, as "G" stands for "Ji-yong," and "Dragon" symbolizes his ambitious and powerful personality.


Musical Prodigy: G-Dragon showed his musical talent from a young age, as he began training under YG Entertainment at the age of 13. He quickly gained recognition for his skills in rapping, singing, and producing music.


Fashion Icon: G-Dragon is renowned for his unique and influential fashion sense. He has collaborated with various fashion brands and designers and has been recognized as a trendsetter in the industry.


Songwriting and Producing: G-Dragon is highly involved in the creation of his music. He has written and produced numerous songs, both for his solo career and for the group Big Bang, showcasing his versatility and artistic vision.


Record-Breaking Solo Debut: G-Dragon's debut solo album, "Heartbreaker," released in 2009, achieved immense success. It became the best-selling album of the year in South Korea and broke records by surpassing 200,000 copies sold within a week.


International Recognition: G-Dragon's influence extends beyond South Korea. He has embarked on successful solo world tours, including concerts in major cities around the world, gaining a global fanbase.


Philanthropy: G-Dragon actively participates in charitable activities. He has donated to various causes, including education, disaster relief, and children's hospitals, showcasing his generosity and concern for social issues.


Entrepreneurial Ventures: G-Dragon has ventured into the business world by establishing his own fashion brand, PEACEMINUSONE, and collaborating with several companies. He has also curated art exhibitions, highlighting his interest in art and design.


Multifaceted Talent: G-Dragon is not only a musician but also a skilled performer, lyricist, producer, and fashion icon. His multifaceted talent has contributed to his success and solidified his status as an influential figure in the K-pop industry.


These facts provide a glimpse into the remarkable career and achievements of G-Dragon, showcasing his immense talent, creativity, and impact on the music and fashion industries.


G-Dragon Net Worth


As in 2023, G-Dragon's net worth was estimated to be around $40 million. However, please note that net worth can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as earnings, investments, and expenses. It's important to keep in mind that net worth estimates may vary depending on the source, and more recent information may be available. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on G-Dragon's net worth, it is recommended to consult reliable sources or financial publications.


G-Dragon Songs


G-Dragon, a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and leader of the boy band BIGBANG, has been involved in various solo and group projects. Here are some notable songs associated with G-Dragon:


Solo Songs:


"Heartbreaker" (2009): The title track of his debut solo album, "Heartbreaker" gained immense popularity for its catchy and energetic sound.


"Crayon" (2012): Known for its unique and vibrant music video, "Crayon" is another solo hit by G-Dragon from his second album, "One of a Kind."


"Who You?" (2013): This emotional ballad is from G-Dragon's second solo extended play (EP) titled "Coup d'Etat."


"Crooked" (2013): Also from the "Coup d'Etat" EP, "Crooked" features an energetic and anthemic sound.


"Untitled, 2014" (2017): G-Dragon released this poignant ballad as a single, and it became a chart-topping hit.


"That XX" (2012): This emotional song is from G-Dragon's first solo album, "One of a Kind."


BIGBANG Songs (Group):


"Fantastic Baby" (2012): G-Dragon, as the leader of BIGBANG, contributed to this iconic and widely popular song that became a global hit.


"Bang Bang Bang" (2015): Another major hit by BIGBANG, G-Dragon played a significant role in the creation of this song.


"Lies" (2007): One of BIGBANG's early successes, "Lies" contributed to the group's rise to fame.


"Haru Haru" (2008): G-Dragon participated in the composition and lyrics for this emotionally charged ballad.


"Bad Boy" (2012): This R&B-influenced track is from BIGBANG's album "Alive," and G-Dragon played a part in its creation.



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